Listen for the sound of your heart singing

Listen to your gut and make sure there's enough that you know you'll love

One of the key problems with planning our careers is that we start with no idea what a particular career is actually like. Take my client Anne. As a young woman she had an idea of what it would be to be an architect. She imagined beautiful workspaces, creative colleagues and rockstar buildings. She hadn't banked on clients who loved aesthetics she hated or who were so unrealistic it was hard to maintain her composure. It's often no different when we decided to change careers midway through - we have a beautiful idea and little idea of the reality. To avoid this, try and get some experience in where you want t

o go and/or talk to as many people who already do it as possible. Find out what they spend most of their time doing, what they love, what's hard. One of my most popular co

aching services is talking to people who want to transition in to the Not-For-Profit sector. The idea of working towards a better world and to do meaningful work is a lovely one. The reality of working in organisations that have no money, too few resources to do anything really well and often limited access to much needed expertise is completely different. For some that's exciting, for others it sounds like hell. Listen to your heart as you go through this research process and be really honest with yourself as you do, make note of the things that make your heart sing and the parts that fill you with dread. Make sure there's more of the first before you're all in.

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