Services for Employers

As an employer, you want happy, engaged staff but you also want amazing results. The focus of my work with employers is on creating workplaces where employees can thrive and deliver on the discretionary effort that shifts good performance to exceptional. Book a free introductory consultation or contact me for more information.

Workforce Stategy

If you're an SME, it can be hard to know how (and find the time) to structure your workforce to get the best outcomes and the best value for your salary dollar. There are industrial, operational, technological and job market considerations that come in to play. You and I will collaborate to articulate the work that needs doing, defining the roles that will get it done and design the workflows and accountability structures that support the outcomes you need. If it's appropriate for your business we can explore appropriate options for outsourcing and tech enhancements.

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Engagement and Capability

Whether you're just starting out hiring your first person or hiring your 100th, creating a great workplace means hiring the right people and keeping them engaged and learning. This doesn't have to cost big dollars. We'll work together to identify your workforce goals and design strategies that combine your desired outcomes with the kind of tailored approach to career development your employees crave.

Leadership Development

The single most influential work you can do as an employer is developing your leadership skills. Fundamentally, the most successful outcomes come from leaders who are a mix of humble, transparent and courageous. You can attend as many leadership courses as you like, but nothing hones these skills like applied learning. Think of me as a thought partner to assist you move through complex people issues in your organisation. I'll be part sounding board, part expert advisor, part devil's advocate and ultimately your biggest champion as you work through your leadership challenges.

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Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Systems and Process

One of the simplest ways to ensure clarity for your workforce is by implementing clear and simple systems to guide their work. This could be a performance appraisal and development system, which at a basic level might be a form and a few genuine dialogues each year about expectations and what the employee needs to be their best. Or it could be a complete Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that automates everything from recruitment to leave applications and a lot of things in between. If you're looking to develop your systems, I'll meet you where you're at to scope out an appropriate approach that will meet your needs.