"The important thing is not to stop questioning" - A Einstein


What is a For-Purpose business?

Does your business exist to make the world a better place? Perhaps you're an NFP, health service or social enterprise.  Or maybe your products and or ethos are focused on community (however defined) wellbeing.  Though if you read that and thought 'Yes! Someone to help me build my COVID light machine sales team' or riot on parliament, we may have differing views on what constitutes of community wellbeing.

What services are on offer?

I provide a full suite of human resources consulting services with particular specialties in:


  • Wicked problem-solving

  • Practical leadership and people management mentoring and training

  • Workforce strategy and organisational design, including related performance, talent and capability frameworks

  • Industrial relations and compliance audits

  • Human resources technical writing

  • Human resources capability build

  • Executive and senior management recruitment

How will we work together?

My primary goal is to be of genuine use to you. Having run big and small operational and HR teams I understand what it is to do 'people stuff' when you have to see, and motivate, and get outcomes from the humans you're making decisions about. My operational experience facilitates an awareness that while HR rules are important (and often the law)  there is a huge degree of ambiguity that needs to be worked through in managing workforce matters (personalities, relationships, budgets, tradition, politics, existing structures and frameworks, previous imperfect application of legal principles etc.) There is always a line that can be walked to manage these issues both strategically and lawfully. 


I start with a process of discovery to work this through and make sure we're not just going to add to the existing issue or create unnecessary complexity.  Beyond that, the solution will be dependent on your unique needs and budget. It might be a set of recommendations, a training or mentoring program, or providing a fix for an issue.

If we're working on a people problem (say a team or individual performance, cultural or conduct issue) - or on leadership development - we'll have some pretty frank conversations. Most (though not all) people issues are a result of something going awry from a leadership perspective. There might be unclear expectations, a failure to follow through on boundary or rule setting, or a way of communicating that means you're intimidating people unintentionally - or perhaps you're not holding the line on important principles (as examples.) It's rare they're not resolvable. We will work together in a way that is respectful, discrete and supportive and leaves you feeling pretty awesome about what you or your managers can achieve both personally and with team members.

Also, we'll have a laugh. Often this stuff is complex and dry or emotionally challenging ... I promise to make it less onerous!


It depends on what you're looking to have done, but generally between $200 - $250ph + GST.  That's an indicative rate - you and I may choose to look at a fixed cost project, a day rate, a course rate, retainer, you may want a relatively simple task done or you may want me to pull out all the stops. All of that will factor into the rate we ultimately negotiate, but it's unlikely to equate to more than the top of that range and may well be less than the bottom.

Is formal legal advice available?

No. I have a really solid knowledge of employment law and I can provide high-quality advice in this context. I have dealt with many very complex industrial matters, fronted FairWork numerous times (and am yet to have been found at fault) and worked with some exceptional employment lawyers from whom I have learned a great deal. And I'm studying law because I love this area of the work so much. But I am not a lawyer and my advice is not a substitute for legal advice.  I can put you in touch with some excellent firms though if needed (I have no affiliation with them other than I have used them before and found them to do excellent work.)

Where are you based?

South Gippsland in Southern Victoria, just over an hour out of Melbourne, having made a COVID inspired treechange (in the rest of my time I ran a herd of highly strung, big personality lawn mowing alpacas.) In general, I operate via Zoom, but sometimes people things are best managed in person so often we'll meet face to face (COVID permitting) for at least some of the process (where that works best for your business.) There is no travel fee associated with Melbourne CBD meetings. I work with clients outside of Victoria in the same way, though there is usually more Zooming involved to reduce your costs.

Contact Us for a no pressure chat about your needs

The Curiosity Company acknowledges the Bunurong People of the South East Kulin Nation, the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and live, and recognises their continuing connection to land, water and community. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.  We celebrate the stories, culture and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders of all communities who also work and live on this land.