Are you one of the many leaders in the health and community services sectors who feel uncertain about how to get the most from their teams? Or address people issues while still adhering to your values? I work with For-Purpose organisations to build the systems and  capability you need to lead your team with the right balance of self-assurance and care.


The Health Care and Social Assistance sectors accounts for 14% of Australia's total workforce.

These sectors are two of the most likely to be underpaying staff, with up to 1 in 5 estimated to be setting their wages too low.

48% of sector employees report experiencing obstacles to their ability to perform every day, with data showing this reduces productivity and engagement, while increasing stress.

The average salary for an HR Director in these sectors is $114K; the average salary for an HR Director across all sectors in smaller organisations is $160K. Resulting in reduced access to HR capability in these complex settings.


Most organisations are diligent in ensuring their business finances and client legals are correct and sorted. However, many in the health care and community service sectors don't have the time, resources or knowledge to undergo the kind of workforce planning that can mitigate industrial risk and create a significantly more productive workforce strategy that increases staff engagement while reducing stress.


For-Purpose workforces are complex; staffed by passionate carers and advocates, often with lived experience of addiction, trauma or poor mental health depending on the organisation's focus.  They need to turn up to work with a certain level of resilience each day to take on the caring or advocacy work they do. In addition, budgets are tight, whether it's for resourcing, salaries or training. Fortunately, great people strategy doesn't have to cost a lot. But it does require a sound understanding of industrial relations and some courageous leadership. That's where I step in, to help build that capability in your organisation.

My intention is to ensure you no longer find yourself:


  • Carrying an under-performing worker or team because you (or your leaders) are unsure of the best way to set expectations and boundaries - and hold people to them while still being a good human. 

  • Struggling to hold the space for a workforce that may be overextended and experiencing compassion fatigue.

  • Trying to ensure your organisation has access to the necessary capability to do great work, but struggling with hiring good people and finding ways to inexpensively up-skill them.

  • Working within a structure that isn't fit for purpose, because there's no time to focus on role design or workforce planning.

  • Carrying industrial risk because the human resources frameworks you’re working within aren’t suitably mature or may be non-compliant (or perhaps you don't have any in place.)


Your workforce can add significant value to you and your clients. To ensure you’re leveraging that opportunity, you need the frameworks and knowledge to draw the best from your people. Many human resources consultancies are fantastic at providing compliance documentation and policy support or reactive solutions to urgent issues. And while I can help in that area, my primary focus is working with you to provide the frameworks and in-house capability to ensure you’re set up to proactively lead and engage your teams and mitigate risk - with access to ongoing support, coaching and advice if needed.

In hiring me you get deep skill and experience without the ongoing salary costs. Your own Chief People Officer on demand. Check out the ideas page if you want to test out some of my thinking.


Hi, I am Ari Siggins BA (SocSc), MHRM, CAHRI, GAICD. I bring over 15 years of experience in senior and C-Suite Human Resources and operational management roles across the Government, health and community services sectors.

I have worked with or consulted to an extensive and diverse range of organisations including Windana Drug and Alcohol Service, Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO), Metro Pain Group and Monash House Private Hospital, ESTA000, Stella Centres, InfoXchange, My Team My Way, the International Women's Development Agency, St Vincent de Paul, the Women's Information and Referral Exchange (WIRE), the Accident Compensation and Conciliation Service, YSAS, Aboriginal Housing Victoria, the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service and many more.

I offer serious HR in a casual, accessible package.


What People Say About Working With Ari

"Ari is an excellent strategist; with us she oversaw some complex restructuring and industrial matters. She has a deep knowledge of employment law which enabled us to come out on the right side of some complex issues.  She’s a divergent thinker, which results in her looking at sometimes seemingly unsolvable problems through a different lens and finding effective solutions."

Dr Rob Wright - Fmr Chief Medical Officer, Metro Pain Group

"I have worked with Ari in a number of roles and keep going back to her.  Ari is a brilliant change manager and strategist whose wisdom and expertise has guided me successfully through some complex and challenging situations.  Ari is always measured and knowledgeable and most impressively always thinks outside the box enabling creative approaches and solutions."

Gaby Thomas - CEO Doncare

"We engaged Ari to help with reviewing the culture of some of our teams.  We found her to be very thorough in her approach. She was able to build rapport with stakeholders quickly. She provided a comprehensive report with practical recommendations we could implement immediately."

Jess Kitch - Manager People and Culture, InfoXchange

"Thank you Ari for all the support you have given us to date! I am so glad I reached out to you we really appreciate your sound advice! Managing staff is an emotional roller-coaster! Thanks for keeping us all strapped in."

Jamie Lavender - Director - My Team My Way


1. Book a call or send me an email to  ask any questions or make a time to meet. It's really important to me that you're comfortable that I am a good fit for your organisation, and it gives me a chance to understand what you're looking to achieve.

2. Based on our initial conversation I'll provide a proposal outlining the scope, process and timeframes and if it isn't a pre-set price, a quote, which will usually include a range of options giving you the choice to do as much or as little as you'd like in-house to manage costs

3. We'll execute as agreed, maintaining lines of communication throughout.

If you're looking to do most of the work in-house, my role is usually more of a coach and/or mentor to those completing the work.

If you're mainly outsourcing tasks to me, we'll work out how that will best work to ensure it's done quickly and efficiently while still capturing the ethos of your organisation.

We'll evaluate and adjust as we go to make sure everything is on track.

It's worth noting there will likely be some frank conversations as we go; I am usually there to help you improve something or resolve issues, and with that can come the to name some sometimes uncomfortable things for those involved. This is always done with discretion, care and consideration of the broader implications and context you're operating within.